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"50 50: A Sociological Study Into..." - poetry by Vincent Lian

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

50 50: A Sociological Study Into the Balance of Couple Dominance Within Controlled Environments Such As One Dicot of Attracted Specimen Consuming a Single Serving of Spaghetti In Pair In Resemblance Of Those Two Dogs in That Disney Movie

The bill is 50 50

Over a few fries arranged into hearts

Over a box of twelve piece wings 5 to 5

A fair split one can say

An unfair split one can say

50 50 percent investment

In relations 50 50 equal

Love is 50 50

Love is 100 100

Not like tennis Not like tests

0 0 is a Love Love score

50 50 is a double F grade

But getting F’d is easy

Like a cheesy pizza split right through the middle

50 50 splitting love

Like a child eagerly splitting his birthday cake

Like two teens discovering hand holding

Like two adults on the counter

50 50 is sweet but short


Vincent Lian is a high school junior in New England. He considers himself a novice writer and enjoys writing fiction and creative nonfiction pieces. Outside of writing, Vincent enjoys doing nothing and fantasizes about moving out of his town.

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