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A Child’s Undoing -- poetry by Ian Jipson

He had a black eye when he opened

the door, I'm surprised my mom even

let me stay. I comforted him as he

cried sorry tears and wished my

birthday would be better but his

girlfriend hit him the night before and

was rotting in a jail cell for the day.

I wished she stayed there.

She keyed our car.

Etched in “bitch” and “whore”

popped our tires

because she didn’t like my mom

interacting with my dad.

I wished she’d just

go away.

She died.


somewhere in Colorado.

I was so happy.

I wished it happened sooner.

My brother lost his mother.

I should feel sad about that,

and I do,

but he’ll never have to know her

be threatened by her,

be hurt by




So that 10-year-old kid felt no remorse.

I still don’t.


Ian Jipson is a 17 year old high school senior from Lawrence, Kansas. This is his first time writing poetry and being published. He loves math, space, reading, Dungeons and Dragons, and many more nerdy subjects. As a senior, Ian is looking forward to his future studies in astronomy and expanding his knowledge of physics.

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