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Across the Stream -- poetry by Kinnereth Din

Go across the stream

where there are beetles

that would wet your feet.

Their voices surround

and repeat in a ruthless rhythm.

Till jeweled singing

become as swine

in the red ringed dirt.

Prodded by hushed voices of daybreak

and cruel masters of noon

I’d ask the sun for help.

And he’d laugh at me.

Because I asked for a place to sleep.

When the ground began to crack and crumble

from under me.

Tendrils of green weren’t soft either

but disgruntled.

I could not forgive

those leafy stars.

Who tried to crown me when

I wasn’t looking.

In fact, I’d coil my hands around my eyes

so that they wouldn’t have to see

the jaded insight before me,

and the little pinpricks of anger—


swarming my feet

and climbing up to my chest

until I couldn’t breathe.


Kinnereth Din is an American high school student and current editor at Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine. Her poetry has been published in Youth Be Heard’s online gallery and the Galliard International Review. When she isn’t pursuing art or poetry, you can find her occupying her time by daydreaming or sipping a cup of tea.

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