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After the Storm -- poetry by Amy Lee

after the rain stopped pounding,

we stood in the veranda watching vendors walk

down the hill pushing wheelbarrows, balancing

baskets on their shoulders. I remember you had

left the house in your raincoat, walking farther into

the misty rain as you promised to be back before

the milk ajumma. I had closed my eyes, and when

I woke, the city was engulfed beneath a layer of

darkness and your side of the bed remained cold.

In Pohang today, I do not hear anything else, but

the thundering rain outside, muddy rainwater

receding through the gates and tiles we stood on,

and I wonder if it's the pouring rain that’s softening

your voice, or if you're not speaking to me at all.

Downstairs in the kitchen I can hear the front door

creak to the flow of water flooding the house. I am

now in the veranda searching the road for you, but

before, I hear footsteps of the uyu ajumma receding

behind me. I watch as your black raincoat drifts down

puddles in our street, breaking our promise so easily.


Amy Lee is a fourteen-year-old student who is currently attending International School of Manila. During her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends and reading books while listening to music. Her works have been accepted in Eunoia Review, Uppagus, and others.

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