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Anxiety -- poetry by Emily Hembruch

The white petals fall

A July shower

Last in every sense

Too late for water

Too late for joy

Too late for life

The sky is painted

An unreal blue

I don’t want to believe

I must remember

Hugs are needed

Even when not wanted

I must remember

Laughter is peace

But it can be faked

I must remember

Sun is necessary

Even when it kills

I must remember

Lungs aren’t cages

Savor each breathe

I must remember

Fear is life

And no fear is death

I’m sorry

I didn’t tell you I was lonely

I only just remembered


Emily Hembruch is a current freshman who has wanted to be a writer since before she could even read or write herself. She is madly in love with her hometown of Fremont, California and how it feels to walk around at night in the fall. In fifth grade, Emily won the Young Authors award and the California Coastal poem contest in sixth and seventh grade. She plays basketball for exercise and bakes brownies for healing and has a leather journal full of poetry she may show you if you ask nicely. She has been previously published in TeenInk.

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