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Bluebird -- poetry by Inseo Yang

last night, my mom whispered her run to my half-awakened ears. her tears, my inborn holy water, soothed me and her whimpers rushed me back to sleep, where I dreamt about feeding a bluebird a piece of expired sour patch. the bird didn’t die but ascended, until a plane struck it


then a soggy blue feather landed down on my hands, its edge dyed in red which the bird had shed

in pain, i woke up crying,

only quieter than my mom.


Inseo Yang is a seventeen year old poet from Redding, Connecticut. Her work has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and can be found in Synchronized Choas Journal and elsewhere. She is a poetry editor of Parallax Online, an online literary journal at Idyllwild Arts Academy. She has a strong belief in activism through words.

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