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Broken Back Glass -- poetry by Lucas McLaiughlin

I won’t stop saying milk ‘wrong’,

or writing with a real pencil. But

we can walk around the track, I’ll

listen to you talk about how much you hate

AP U.S History, and how much you love

Pokémon. You can try to convince me

pickles are bad, but I’ll eat them anyway.

I’ll ask if your parents want some more

sourdough and they’ll excitedly yell “YES”.

We can go get a single cucumber

at 10 O’clock again. I’ll cry

with you over how cute your cat is,

but then make fun of my cat. I’ll jump off

your couch and try to miss the ceiling,

but end up hitting it again.

Even though I hate roller coasters,

I bet you’ll eventually have

me go on one. I’ll get my revenge

when we watch some scary movie,

I’ll make sure it’s not too scary.

We can sing Billy Joel songs, but I’ll pretend

I know all the words. I’ll make us

cookie dough and eat it all again, and

I’ll savor that brownie you gave me.

I’ll walk you thirty feet to

your car, just so I can have

a few seconds more than I would normally.

I’ll still try and Facetime you

every night, even if I get no sleep.

I’ll still rewatch Heartstopper with you,

or suffer through all of the Twilight movies

in two days. I’ll still suck at Wii sports,

except I’ll beat you at bowling

next time. I’ll love you, even if

you’re too tired to speak.

But most of all, I’ll still sit

and laugh with you, and love you,

and make sure you put a band-aid

over the cut you got from your phone


Lucas McLaiughlin is a current high school senior. He hopes to major in architecture and eventually own his own firm, while keeping up his hobbies. He especially loves writing, both music and literature. When he’s not writing or designing, Lucas is usually found practicing martial arts, playing his piano, or cooking. He loves fantasy, especially A Song of Ice and Fire and Lord of the Rings. This is his first published work, but he hopes to get more published soon.

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