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Convince Me You Need Me -- poetry by Malena Mayell

your leftovers needed eating so you fed them to me

plate after plate & i savored that

decadent taste in my mouth

picked at the last morsel of “beautiful”

the explosion of “enough” on my tongue

i’ll take the last piece of “perfect” please

if you’ll just say it to me one more time

scramble me an omelet of my favorite phrases

sprinkle that you need me on top

show me how i can devour this delicacy

so irresistibly you’ll never give these scraps

to anyone else i’ll mend your broken parts

i’ll clean the spatula after you’ve dropped it

on the kitchen floor

convince me you can’t live without my hands

patching your burn marks

& i’ll admit my appetite has grown

for your plethora of delectable zests

feed them to me one more time before

you learn to indulge in self-proficiency &

clean the silverware without my help.


Malena Mayell is a junior at Corbett High School. She has been compiling stories since 2nd grade and otherwise loses track of time burying herself in words, turning up the volume on Taylor Swift, and running in the pouring rain.

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