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Creation in Two Parts - poetry by Emma McNulty

I want to be

someone’s muse

for someone to look

at me

and start breathing

poetry from their lips

convincing me

their admiration

is love

or draw my body

with the weight kept

in my thighs

and above my hips

even if it’s





as beautiful

because that’s what

art is


I want to be

an artist myself


i am too afraid

of greatness

and not having it

to be liked but not


without power or influence

so i am contented

to be the art

i will never create

at least finally believing

when someone says



Emma McNulty is a rising junior at Weston High School. She writes a combination of poetry and prose. In her free time she enjoys running and watching romantic comedies in addition to reading and writing. She owns way too many llama themed objects after two years of a joke with her sister going too far.

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