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Déjà Vu -- poetry by Sieun Park

This night unlike the rest,

I sit on the stool in the living room,

watching the second hand

drag across the clock. The back wall

holds shapes of fluorescent

colours, while the wood tiles slowly rot

under the carpet. The fan

dries the clothes on the rack, next to the

tinted window. The weather

forecast hums a low static buzz as the radio

loses signal. Then at once,

the sounds of the pan sizzling in the kitchen,

the sharp noises of my

grandmother cutting the vegetables for dinner,

the clamour of the traffic

outside, lulls into silence. I find myself watching

the moon rise in the distance,

while the leaves dwindle under the breeze.


Sieun Park is a 14-year-old student currently studying at International School Manila. She is from Seoul, South Korea. She enjoys playing sports and listening to music.

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