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dinner time -- poetry by Dee Mohammed

a table for two

on one end, the guest.

napkin in collar,

hands with claws.

the other, for food.

apple in jaw,

pig to slaughter.

the meal — a spoon

of fear

deep in a chamber

of the heart

coolly slotting

in the cove between

muscle and the cloche

of ribs.

a fork

of itchyanxiouspain,

twirled into a spool

of intestines.

knife of grief

puncturing lungs,

the guest devours

and dissects,

as i submit.

slumped across the table,

life carves me

into a flawed fixed consumed



Dee Mohammed is a part-time writer/baker/creator, full-time sophomore/friend/ daughter, and all-the-time worrier/procrastinator/dreamer. Her publications include Life in 10 Minutes Lit Mag. Her current obsessions include the poetry of Audre Lorde and eating copious amounts of mango sorbet.

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