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Eve - poetry by Janina Akporavbare

Eve’s ribs caved inward—

Her silhouette misshapen pieces of raw clay

So, she grabbed an ambrosia

And shoved it down Adam’s throat

Grinning as the garden rotted

Her descendants now etched with crimson and chained bodies

Eve started my battle with food—

And I hope this time a marigold can solve it.


Janina Akporavbare is from a homely town of Redlands, California. She is currently 16 and is a sophomore at the Webb Schools in Claremont, California. Writing is a passion of hers and she hopes to further her career by using creative works to bring awareness to mental illnesses and the human psyche. She also has a fascination with short stories. The many she has written explore gender identity, the parallels of humane equality, and the finality of death. This is her first publication.

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