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filling in the cracks -- poetry by Saanvi Sundaram

there's life inside your lungs, love lingering,

longing to emerge; who dare tell you to

repress it? listen my dear, the wind in

your ear, yes you deserve to confess it.

speak your mind, own your words. let no one tell

you how to behave. don't ever doubt your

own worth, just live a little more today.

a grin plastered on your face should be true

and worth the while. share your love with someone

else and watch as they burst into a smile.

you bring your success, and you bring your pain

so you get to choose, the sun or the rain?


Saanvi Sundaram is a fifteen-year-old currently living in India, reading too much fanfiction and drinking too much boba tea. She has been published in Cathartic Lit and Potted Purple, to name a few, and was the editor-in-chief for her school's monthly newsletter. She considers herself a poet (a dying profession) and hopes to have her work published as a collection someday. If she isn't writing or reading, she's playing the violin, catching up on sleep, trying to study, or hanging out with her friends.

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