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glitter ball kid -- poetry by Lily S.

little half-winged   fledgling   thing

stumbling    past the dance    floor

hands clasped     eyes on the ground

trying not      to make one    sound

scared, or      simply incapable

of moving her       legs    the way

she dreams? she watches on and

to her it       seems she could never

will   never leave the    shadows

which she    pretends feel like  home

she does   not know a day will

come when she   owns her body,

owns the way it sways    and shakes

loves     the joy the music   makes

she will smile   and   spin and

move   knowing she   can barely

groove and people   will    watch

and she only laughs because

she won’t   bully

herself on their behalf      and

besides maybe she    has found her trick

because          watching her   is

another hatching        chick


When she’s not nerding out over languages or rewatching her favourite horror film, Lily S can be found writing about the moon, pretty girls, the mortifying ordeal of creating art, or something equally fanciful. This is her first official publication.

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