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Humanity’s Impermanence -- poetry by Anshi Purohit

Volcanic succession is not primary

Supernovas are not celestial

The world is not revolving,

everything is collapsing

What are we but uncharted destinations,

unfolding into maps the way the universe

marks a little of its treasure in droplets of

measured Earthling blood

Little things,

fated sentient things,

quick as a sky murmuring

to whispered constellations

So one day, we will dance duets to butterfly lullabies

count on constellations and the chirps of cicadas in cornfields

One day, allow me

to take you on a journey


Anshi Purohit is a 15-year-old freshman. She has published two books and is currently a writer for her school newspaper. She has been published in Cathartic Literary Magazine and is forthcoming in an anthology. She aspires to become a psychiatrist and is very passionate about mental health. When she's not reading upside down or writing, you can find her cuddling with her dog, playing viola, or going on hikes.

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