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Hushed Daffodils -- poetry by Claire Pletcher

My mother planted a garden

and soon sweet bees swarmed in

she showered it with fresh dew rain

and the soft scent of honeysuckles enveloped

she guided each golden ray

let them swirl round each stem

she filled the golden soil

colors bright and shining

nurtured by light

and soft like the dawn

her stems spiraled up

tall and unwavering

though one grey and bitter eve

surging clouds plunged closer

bowing down

they whispered into each petal

snickering they rhymed

words lined with rust

whose folds were decorated with thorns

whose pokes and prods pricked holes

the petals shriveled

and fastly dimmed brown

my mother hurried over

bringing fingers soaked with love

but the winds blew fast and purposeful

and mother’s salty tears rained down

my perfect place of serenity

and my quiet dreams of pleasantry


oh too quickly

to a meer haze


Claire Pletcher is a 16-year-old from the midwestern United States. She enjoys studying Charles Bukowski and spending time with the earth. Claire hopes to one day be a published writer.

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