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I built a rocketship -- poetry by Nikhita Makam

I built a rocketship,

with kraft cardboard

and Elmers glue that stuck

to the pads of my fingers

the epoxy of eternity

on my epidermis just

a mess of chemicals

but then again

isn’t that just all of us?

I built my rocketship

and dragged it into the yard

the grass was wet

and it stained the cardboard

the dampness of dew

on the rocketship door

not so perfect,

not really perfect anymore

but that really

just about sums up life

I clambered into my rocketship

and pulled out a paper map

it was a map of the universe

drawn on newspaper

with subsiding sharpies

and I forgot how vast

and wide the world was

until I recognized my map

of the universe

many weeks and months later

in a different phase of life

in a different country

in a different continent

I found it in human eyes.


Nikhita Makam is 16 years old, too young to know much but too old to get away with things. She is author of 14 works by a 14 year old and calls herself a "high school student by day, poet by night." Her works have been published in national newspapers and international journals. She believes that poetry has power, something that her mother taught her. She finds happiness in reading, writing, gardening, octopuses, and wondering about ladybugs. She tries her best to maintain a balance between all of her hobbies, school and the common dreaded enemy to all high school students- homework.

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