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immigrant’s daughter -- hybrid by Teya Cooksey-Voytenko

i see you, i see the way you slump out of bed. the way you stick to the walls to creep

past the guilt. the way you work, to make it worth it. the way your face crinkles in regret when you read the news. the way you sometimes don't get out of bed. the way you want to break down and cry when you talk to them. i watch you lose yourself. i watch me lose you. i want to cry with you for the country i never had, i want to take the time to bandage your wounds, i want to wrap my arms around you, i want you to be able to live a life without worry. i want you smile, and thrive. i see you, i watch you struggle. you are seen and loved. you live on for your country everyday. i am proud to call you my father, з іншої боротьби

-immigrant’s daughter


Teya Cooksey-Voytenko is a high schooler who likes to spend their time consuming all together way too many energy drinks and ice cream bars. Their publication includes Bright Lite Lit Mag.

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