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Intermission -- poetry Ellie Goldberg

F,E with a squeal of scales

Practice, practice, practice

Frustrated mind


Heavy tick of metronome


Spotlight’s fog embraces

Warming fingertips.

A virtuoso on stage

Raised chin, charcoal chin rests beneath

Bow rising and falling like

Applause from rows and rows of dollhouse figures

Corelli whirling from violin.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven chimes,

Clock’s baron conducts city symphony


French horn of honking cars

Trumpet of taxis

Euphonium of bus engines.

Dog’s feet click clack on sidewalk

Echoing through shaded pencil city.

Drawn to window,

She accompanies the concert

Pizza man scurries like a mouse,

Zebra lined buildings form a crossword puzzle.

She searches

Emptied squares.

Streetlights show one remaining

Waiting silhouette,

Broom’s straw waving

Words skipping across alley

“Bravo, encore!”

One audience member

Lifts whole girl.


Ellie Goldberg is a high school senior from Maryland. When she's not daydreaming from the car window on road trips, she's playing soccer on the field. She has kept a journal for her writing since age two and has had her poetry published in literary magazines.

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