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It Comes -- poetry by Julia Ongking

After Toni Morrison’s “It Comes Unadorned”

It comes Unexplained,

unspooled red thread

tied around your head;

a broken promise.

It comes Unrestrained,

bury your head

in your mother’s breast.

A thousand prayers to the Gods;

the whisper of the trigger

rings in your mind

stares in a shattered mirror

cuts you deep, turns you blind;

trace the bloodied pathways

shaped by rules predefined.


She comes beautifully into the world like a wish unfulfilled.


Julia Ongking is currently a sophomore in high school. Born and raised as a Chinese-Filipino, she enjoys developing her perspectives through reading, writing, and having meaningful conversations with people from all walks of life. Her work has been published in Rapper Magazine and Cathartic Lit Magazine, among others.

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