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It’s a sad world -- poetry by Rumaisa Maryam Samir

It’s a sad world Where the broken teeth and blood in my mouth, Eyes mottled purple-blue, Are no excuse, and I’m small minded For turning your hand downExtended with friendshipKnuckled painted to hide where Flesh broke while they broke flesh

It’s a sad world Where the jesters sit on their thronesBells and confetti robesLaughing while the kings and queens Fight to regain what is their own, Their glimmering, glorious, fake gold Who are the fools here?

It’s a sad world Where he adorns his selfishness In the finest threadsFaux selflessnessAnd feeds the poor Bread poisoned with his ego

It’s a sad world where she prepared to work, Struggled to earn, and died alone, Where demanding her rights made her a difficult person, Hard to work with, And her art was useless, And advancement trampled her underfoot For the greater good

It’s a sad world


Rumaisa Maryam Samir is a sixteen-year-old poet based in Karachi, Pakistan. She spends her days writing poetry and coming up with ideas for novels that she never gets around to penning down. Find more of her poetry on @wo.ven¬_wo.rds on Instagram!

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