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Little Husbands - poetry by Sarah Winickoff

Little Husbands

I used to play with them

Climbing trees like the branches weren’t tapered

I learned more from my scrapes (each one was unique)

Than i did stuffing the glass slippers on my cinderella doll

Over and over

Second grade was different

Married two of my friends in five days

Ceremonies with chalk decor; that was the fun part

I got paper-clip rings, but refused to carry children

My belly would get in the way of the dodgeball

He said as soon as we married i would carry his children

I told him to carry our children

He got upset

I did too

I made a girlfriend

She was so much like me,

Competitive in a way even dodgeball couldn't rival

Look at me! look at me! Not her...

Now they play with me, and I play along


Sarah Winickoff, a junior in Massachusetts, loves rowing, art, people, and writing. Writing provides an outlet when she feels trapped in expectations. It’s a separate world that she can stroll around--nothing is more exhilarating. She writes realistic fiction with fantastical imagery, because that’s how she views her life: through a surreal lens, perspective zooming in and out. Her mind is never quiet, so she is always writing to get her thoughts out, and mostly writes for herself. She hopes others can relate to feelings expressed in her writing because relating to other people's emotions makes her feel most loved.

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