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Moonlight -- poetry by Sneha Sadhukhan

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be

Under the moonlight,

Counting the stars through

The gaps between my fingers,

Where lie the promise of

Tentatively clasped hands.

Your fingers weaving in through mine,

Looking for galaxies far from reach

Or a meadow just a block away-

Where the ground looks like a pool

Of the moon’s beautiful borrowed light.

And there we’d lie, letting the stars

Get under our skin, illuminating

Us from within and smile-

Knowing that for once

Boundaries do not exist.


Sneha Sadhukhan is a 16 year old high school sophomore from Kolkata, India who writes as a hobby and dreams of being an established author some day. A permanent fixture on the creative writing section of her school magazine, her other hobbies include obsessively reading (and rereading), baking, ardently debating social issues, overanalyzing every lyric in the entirety of Taylor Swift's ever-growing discography, and falling far too much in love with fictional characters. Her work is forthcoming in Ice Lolly Review.

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