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mother' ~ poetry by Amber Pineda

my_ultimatum = input("Have you become enough today?")

value = 0

if my_ultimatum == “no”:

prove_my_doubts = input("Why?”)

if prove_my_doubts == "Throaty eyes and thorny fingers. I am tangled in

your tumbling sobs.":

print ("Your skin is mine. Speak again, and you will know the idle

fall like the dead. Only your marred flesh will remain, and I will

bear your name with disgrace.")

#when will you swallow your time?

value = 0

if prove_my_doubts == "I don't want to speak." :

print ("Your skin is mine. Bare your teeth, and only binary will

bleed from these digits.")

value = 0

if prove_my_doubts == "What good is an unloved daughter?"

print ("What good is an unsatisfied mother?")

value = -1

if my_ultimatum == “yes”:

tell_me = input("Why should I believe you?")

if tell_me == "Because I was raised to believe in your enough.\n I was raised

to trust your dry words."

value = 5

print (f"When this trust becomes the pulsing algorithms of your heart

and the coded humming of your lungs, your {value} will always be

greater than yourself.")


value = 1

print ("Fall more, fall harder, fall frequent. Fall until the human behind

your self will not longer wish to desperately exist.")

reminders = ["Human is weak", "Human is vulnerable", "Human is


print (reminders)

last_chance = input ("Have you become enough today?")

if last_chance == yes:

print ("What reasons do I have to trust you?\nChild, let me breathe




A Filipino raised and schooled in Dededo, Guam, Amber Pineda is a 15-year-old rising high school junior. Her work has been featured in Cathartic Lit, the Belladonna Comedy, redrosethorns magazine, and the Youth Speaks: Human Rights in Verse Anthology. She currently interns for the Pacific Daily News and was invited as a featured writer in an upcoming workshop.

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