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My Roots -- poetry by Aurica Muntean

My roots are found in the taste of new foods

rich with a culture yet to be discovered.

They are found in the familiar taste

of my mother’s cooking.

My roots are found in the alienated language

spoken amidst a sea of locals.

They are found in the smiles of strangers

passed around wordlessly.

My roots are found in the past houses

that hold endless tales of childhood.

And they are in the boxes just packed,

ready to be shipped to their next location.

My roots have not taken hold in any one place.

They move from one place to another alongside me,

Learning and feeding on the nutrients of each new country.

My roots are rootless and still,

they grow.


Aurica Muntean is a sophomore currently living in NYC, though she’s lived in six

different countries over the course of her life. Her hobbies include reading great poetry (modern or classic), petting way too many dogs on the street (including her own), and oversleeping. She has been published in her school’s newspaper and is looking to share her words with more audiences.

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