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Name Me Icarus -- poetry by Ezra Lewis

i miss you.

even though you’ve given me so little to miss.

i’m just a person you know 

a friend you talk to…


i imagine us laughing side by side. 

you write me rose-coloured notes 

and you kiss me on the cheek. 

my friends don’t understand why i like you 

and i guess i don’t either 

but your name was ichor on my tongue 

golden drops of what would have been 

or what should have been 

and your smile as tempting as icarus’s sun 

and since i fell i suppose i’m no better.

hope is a thing with thorns 

midas-touched and shining 

sunflower seeds of sorrow. 

i don’t know if i can claim to love you. 

eros hasn’t yet granted me that delusion 

so i’ll settle for loving the idea of you

and let aphrodite blind me a little longer.


Ezra Lewis is a high school student from Arizona, USA. Ever since attempting to write a book in seventh grade, she’s been writing every week. She has no previously published works but enjoys writing both poetry and prose. Her love of reading is what inspires her most to write. Ezra also enjoys art, especially drawing the characters she creates.

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