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North: Haiku Series -- poetry by Isabella Melians

Left church, three-thirty:

a rabbit in the outskirts.

Say goodbye to Grace.

Seeds buried between

heartbeats. Twenty beats,

ten seeds. Sew them into soil.

Tomato season

carried on armadillos’

backs; Father knew best.

Deer fell as men stepped.

Thrones of moss and oak

have no love for rubber boots.

Dawn breathed a new life

envelope these sinking shells

and vacant corpses.

Outside this cabin,

legacy of decay; burn

what can’t be buried.

Churned Orion’s sky.

An unkindness of ravens

laughed at balding doves.

Seraph,an angel,

bathed me in this divine light

(as holy as snakes)


Isabella Melians is a sophomore attending highschool in South Florida. She is the vice president of the school's writing club, "The Writer's Circle," and is looking to get published in various online media. She hopes to attend university in the northeast United States, where she will study in the medical field. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, playing the cello, and watching horror movies.

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