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Ode to the Customer with the Short Blonde Hair -- poetry by Mia Peña

If you could decipher

what can I get for you?


I want to hear your voice as I drift asleep.


I would’ve told you that your hair falls

like golden curtains


stained-glass windows of a cathedral.


we would slow dance to Chet Baker,

earl grey soaking our crimson lips.


I would lie to my mother

we are just friends.

But your touch boils inside of me

as sweaty backs stick

to blue cotton sheets.


you’d get tired of me.

My loud laugh,

my bluntness.

Your voice an octave too-high

when telling me 

we don’t fit anymore. 

If I had another minute

before we became 

repelling magnets 

my have a nice day

would’ve sounded like 

I love you.


Mia Peña Cruz is a high school student who transforms her personal experiences into literary works. When she isn’t writing, she can be found dancing at punk shows, working as a barista and creating art with a variety of mediums. Her goal when writing is simply to make the reader feel any type of emotion that arises.

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