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Outside My Window -- poetry by Junwoo Park

gray clouds dangled

from the dark Seoul sky and pinched

the peaks of the Namsan mountain. Wind galloped

across the city, thrusted by the skyscrapers closing in,

scattered by the pillars of my balcony. Moonlight burned

the white clouds black.

Streaks of pure white crackled

against a stormy blanket of grey, as if a camera flash

which had engulfed everything at once. The flash

of lightning broke the utter blackness,

cleaving the night in parts. It slit through the grove

of oak trees, painting the landscape in hues of red.


Junwoo (William) Park is a Korean 13-year-old, 9th grader currently attending International School Manila in the Philippines. His work has been recognized by journals such as Cathartic Literary Magazine and One Art Poetry. He enjoys writing poems about history and childhood memories. Aside from creative writing, he frequently enjoys playing football with his friends, solving math problems, and likes to read.

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