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Reasons Not to Kiss Him - poetry by Charlotte Edwards


This love isn’t allowed

You are far too broken 

To love someone so whole

Aren’t you tired of ruining beautiful things?


Your heart is heavy 

Don’t weigh him down with your sins

Even though he would carry them if you asked him to

Remember you are a burning building he wants to make a home out of

While he is the cigarette you promised never to smoke

Don’t be the thing that destroys one another


He says he falling in love with you

But darling falling is the easy part

Staying in love is harder

All boys are the same

Give him something to hold onto 

As long as it’s not you


He will ruin all other kisses for you 

It will stain your lips pink, and cheeks red 

It will be an addiction

Your were never good at refusing 

And when you can’t have him

Because good things never last

You will spend a lifetime trying to forget the way he said your name


Charlotte Edwards is a poet based in Nashville, TN where she spends her time drinking too much hot chocolate and writing pandemic poetry. She is published in The Weight Journal, The Literary Yard, and Rebelle Society. She also was a finalist for Youth Poet Laureate for 2020. Currently, she is an intern at Southern Word where she hopes to grow her abilities as a writer in hopes of one day becoming a renowned poet.

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