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Saturate -- poetry by Seungbihn Park

  1. Sometimes I imagine myself falling through the clouds, sliding on every fiber and slipping away from the damp smoke.

  2. I’m falling, but I feel still, motionless, drifting along wherever the wind blows.

  3. And after giving myself to the war between gravity and air, my limbs slap a body of water, and I feel a loud thud in my stomach.

  4. The water parts its way for me, and swaddles me with silent fizzes hemming the ends of this fluid rug.

  5. Strings of light saturate the cerulean water, and I see the world through clouds.

  6. The voices outside dissolve into motions of this liquid, and I hear a mermaid’s tune.

  7. I see flashes of tawny sheets wading in the open air and aquamarine fabric weaving between the sea green algae.

  8. My fingers glide down the thread hanging low from the lilies, and I lay my flesh on the warm pebbles.


Seungbihn Park is a 15-year-old Korean student who is currently attending Cresskill High School in the United States. She was born in Switzerland and lived in several countries, including the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. Her poems have been awarded by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and published by Trouvaille Review. She loves to surround herself with nature, and it often inspires her to write.

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