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Say Beautiful -- poetry by Tyler Sookralli

You think you can veil us.

You think you can hide us away.

You think you can vanquish our presence.

With your law that cries, “Don’t Say Gay.”

You think you can ravish us.

You think you can burn our skin.

You think you can tear us down.

But do you have the power to shred us thin?

You think you can strip us.

You think you can stifle our din.

You think you can snap us to bits.

For to be ourselves is to sin.

You think you can beat us.

You think you can rip us from the books.

You think you can bias our stories.

Are we fish awaiting your hooks?

My dear pals, I greet you as a friend.

The wounds you slit will swiftly mend.

Our spirited tales will not break nor bend.

We are more than entities of a faceless trend.

We are the ones who against quiet will justly fend.

We will declare our truths until the end.

Don’t Say Gay.

Say Beautiful.


Tyler Sookralli is a junior who loves all things artsy. It’s nearly a Herculean task to find him at a time when he is not listening to music, reading poetry, or writing some of his own. His work has been previously recognized by the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. A staff member of both his school’s newspaper and literary magazine, there is not much that brings him greater joy than reading the creative works of his peers.

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