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See you later -- poetry by Hudson Warm

See you later

I sang to you

Chubby-cheeked, slimy Baby Lila

Nana drove me home and evaded my questions about

How babies were made

See you later

Your pink backpack hung on one shoulder

That’s how the cool kids wore them

Pink flats with little bows

Sequins of reflection

Auburn hair in two pigtails

See you later

I responded, kissing your forehead

Cried when you boarded the bus

To kindergarten

You were supposed to be the younger one

Soon you’d be smarter than me

See ya later

You told him on that windy April dusk

You were fourteen when you had your first kiss

You came to me, wanting sis’s advice

You smirked each time your phone buzzed

Sea you later

Is what you captioned your Instagram post

A vision before the sunkissed tides

Clad in a white knitted tangle atop your bikini

See you later

Off to buy mangoes and vegetables and chocolate eggs

That you’d hide from Mom in our little spot

You could drive now

Had your very own green Jeep

Honked three times as you swerved into the driveway

Your little ritual

See you later

You dragged a suitcase in your shadow

Departed for December break

On a plane to a place

With sunny Winters

See you later

Your heart displayed on the monitor

After seventeen years of wasted memories

A thousand needles puncturing your ghostly skin

The hospital bed is stiff

As I crawl in and hold your hand

Your voice is a whisper

My eyes are damp

Your skin is waxy

Now I know how babies are made and how

People disappear and I wish I didn’t

The monitor beeps a final time

Doctors bustle in but I see nothing

Besides blue fabric

Then blackness

As I collapse into your stomach



Even though you can’t hear

See you later


Hudson Warm is a sophomore at Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York. In December of 2020, she published her young adult fantasy novel, Not the Heir. Her poetry and flash fiction have been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and will appear in the 2021 Vision Literary Magazine. She's also a singer-songwriter, with songs available on most musical platforms.

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