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Shallow Memory -- poetry by Isla Walker

Mellow winds that knot silky long

strands of buttercream blonde,

dance across your stoic face and dull,

art of death eyes that seem

to make me want to swim in

the deep ends of hell;

make me want

to drown in your tar as you play

melancholy melodies on your piano.

Each time you pass by, I am

trapped in time that freezes

and swallows me, you the rippling

light that kindles your long stature

and faint grin, swaying back and

forth till the light is extinguishes,

and all I ever see is echoing night,

resonating of your lazy,

still heart beat.


Isla Walker is a young writer from Southern California, where she attends Orange County School of the Arts for Creative Writing. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys watching emotional shojo animes and creating scenarios with her characters in her mind. Her poetry is also appearing in All Ears.

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