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steve -- poetry by Sanya Tinaikar

i wake up.

i brush my stained teeth so the plaque disintegrates.

i feed marley and boil only one egg while i drink fresh solitude from the morning sun.

i change into baggy levi jeans that i bought at the thrift store.

hands aloft, i ungracefully slip on a white t-shirt that has the text i don’t even bother reading.

then i tuck my shirt into a sepia-colored belt and i’m drenched in solitude.

i take marley for a walk.

i make conversation with monica who is watering her white hydrangeas.

she talks about her husband and i breathe in solitude.

i return home and sit down at my ikea desk.

then i work until six o’clock for a job i get paid too little for.

i prepare boxed pasta and skim through the TV channels as i swallow solitude.

the plants wither so i water them before heading upstairs.

i read faulkner after brushing my teeth and marley curls up next to me.

i fall asleep and marley rests his paws on my arm.


Sanya Tinaikar is a 15-year-old writer and student from Pennsylvania. She has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Columbia College Chicago, and Cathartic Literary Magazine, among others. She thoroughly enjoys reading and spends her spare moments with a book in hand. She is honored to have her work featured in The Weight Journal.

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