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Sunday Thoughts -- poetry by Roshni Ghosh

This house is dark, dull and drear,

No light doth shine from far or near,

Nor ever could.

And those of us who live herein,

Are most as dead as seraphim;

Though not as good.

My guardian angel is asleep,

At least he doth no vigil keep;

But far doth roam.

Then give me back my lonely farm,

Where no one alive did wish me harm;

Dear childhood home!


Roshni Ghosh is a 15 year old living in India. A poet at heart, she is just another school-going student. Roshni believes in creativity at the spur of a moment, when not even she herself expects ideas. She loves writing and is inspired by many writers and poets. Roshni also loves reading and mostly sticks to classics, rather than modern pieces. She believes that the literary world can progress further with young poets and writers, if given an opportunity. Roshni is mostly into singing, but writing has a totally different attraction to her.

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