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Taking Flight -- poetry by Jay Aggarwal

Let’s pretend we’re sleeping on the ship’s deck

chairs. We whisper, and imagine the evening

growing colder. Above those tangerine cliffs in the

distance, kissed to their heady blush by the sun,

were clouds moving in shoals. The Chugach

Mountains peak into the sky, their snow capped

crests make it appear as if a storm looms. And

the sky, mixed with equal parts blue and a chorus

of grays, streaked with silvers and golds. We

stand against the railing, notebook and pen in hand,

jotting down the movements. I grab your shoulder

as the boat tilts and wavers gracefully

with the current below. Both your hands stay

folded upon the camera, going nowhere, calm

and now almost invisible, as if they were the first

to grasp the distance and dissolve. You press

the button. A quick click and then lays it down,

Your limbs earn a well deserved rest. You hold

up your hand and my hand matches yours, making

a noise loud enough to temporarily quiet

the galling wind that refuses to let down.

Tiny birds will soar adrift negotiating each wind

shift, and there we stand wondering how

a thing so small can fly against the wind at all.


Jay Aggarwal is a 17 year old, aspiring writer based in San Francisco, California. Jay dreams of majoring in journalism. He has won the poetry competition at his high school and writes for his school newspaper. He loves hiking and has always been fascinated by nature.

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