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The Poem With No Title -- poetry by Molly Southgate

She woke up in midsummer as if from a long sleep

Arms aching, lungs filled with dust

Hurtled into the world with stinging eyes

And flushed cheeks

Her leg started bouncing sometime last year,

But she didn’t notice

Until her knees were mauve

From the bottom of her desk

She wants apple cheeks

But instead has strawberry spots

Black nails and black beneath eyes

Knobby knees and the long hair

She complains about to her friends

Every time she sees the sun she spits at it

She is filled with salt and bees

Its light adds insult to injury

A nemesis, a nemesis

To the outside world

Eventually she will realize that the inside is worse

Her hands will stain with blackberry juice

She wraps leaves around her long fingers

Folding, folding, folding

Only to gift them to the next one who needs it

She likes to think the future is predictable,

But only by her

Her visions don’t come in dreams

Even though that’s how they do in the movies

The emails in her inbox make her cry

And so does every poem

Turning her stomach sea green and wisteria

Prickling at her tongue

When she sees the moonlight

Spilling across the sidewalk

She thinks she’ll become–

A love poet


Molly Southgate is a fifteen-year-old poet, musician, podcaster, and actress from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. She attended Interlochen Arts Camp in 2022 and won a fine arts award in creative writing there. She has a chapter published in the nonfiction anthology book PodLife and has poetry published in the Interlochen High School Creative Writing 2022 Anthology. Molly is currently enrolled in The New School Media Writing Essentials program and will graduate from it in April of 2023. When she isn't writing, she's hosting a podcast where she talks to writers about their books, reading habits, and process called Read Between The Lines: A Book Podcast. Molly is homeschooled and almost done with all of her high school requirements.

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