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The Sanctuary -- poetry by Doeun (Jessica) Kim

A narrow pathway slithers between

an array of naked shrubs that run alongside

stepping stones, its ridges smeared with dirt.

Towards the end of this pathway, a girl

walks to a cottage hidden behind maple trees

scattered across the wide garden.

She thinks of her grandmother, who wrapped

her thin hair in rollers every morning and shared

a bowl of black beans to prevent white hair.

The girl sits in front of a unlit fireplace,

staring back at the dark, tall windows

to adjust her hair from the reflection.

She watches this reflection,

until the touch of her fingers weaken,

and her hair has streaks of grey.


Doeun (Jessica) Kim is a 15 year old, born in South Korea and currently studying at the International School of Manila. Her work has been recognized by Cathartic Youth, Isacoustic, Austin Poets International and elsewhere. During her free time, she enjoys taking contemporary dance classes.

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