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The Star That Guides Me - flash fiction by Emma Scully-Power

Walking home everyday from the bus stop, I can already see her light shining through the window. My pace increases with my desire to reach her and the sound of leaves crunching beneath my sneakers is amplified. The sun sets at four and the sky is dark, but her presence makes the darkness disperse. The scene resembles a candle in a dark room with its orb of light produced by the flame. I reach the door knob and feel the chill on my palm. As I open the door light pours out. Her blonde straight hair sways as she turns her head to face me with a smile on her face. Her bright blue eyes reflected in mine. Her skin smooth as a child’s with only two spots resembling her age. The two fixed points on her forehead were noticeable and placed on her head by the metal rods of a halo, the brace that was needed to fix her broken neck. The accident changed her, but her light still shown after all these years. I approach her and notice the sparkle in her eyes and the freshly baked muffins on the counter. Her newly painted nails and the ring on her finger wrap around me in a warm embrace. It is impossible to resist her smile being duplicated on my face. I reach for a muffin and the taste makes its way from my fingertips to my lips. Instantly filling the hole in my stomach, the muffin provides satisfaction. Just as she provides warmth on the coldest days and comfort on the loneliest days. She is always with me even when she is absent. She sits in my head. She sings songs that put me to sleep during storms. She encourages me to do my best at all times. She is always protecting me from the dangers of the world. Someday she will leave my head and find a new home where I will not often be able to visit. Candles do not last forever. Now and forever, I will be grateful to my mother whom I have created so many memories with and who has guided me through my childhood.


Emma Scully-Power grew up between California and Florida, but now lives in Massachusetts. She loves playing sports and being creative, but also takes pride in her school work. Writing makes her feel peaceful and at home. In the future, she hopes to find the right path in life, a path of happiness and comfort. She believes every opportunity is a step in the right direction and nothing should be taken for granted.

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