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They Say About You -- poetry by May Lafer-Kirtner

“She has a tendency

To hate all signs of clinginess”

This is what our friend says about you.

I think,

You have a tendency

To hate all things vulnerable and soft

Because you fear it.

I think

Your tendencies

Have tried to kill my heart

A thousand and one times.

I think I used to love you

More than I loved the night sky,

More than I loved the air I breathed.

You only came in second to my pen,

And that is only because words

Have always been the one thing

That bloomed in my chest without ever asking permission.


May Lafer-Kirtner is fourteen years old. At the age of eight, she devoured any book she got her hands on. She then discovered that she could write stories like the ones she read, bring worlds to life that she couldn’t even dare to dream of. From then on, she knew she could be, would be, had to be, a writer. At every turn in her life, writing has been there for her. She is here today because poems and books saved and nurtured her. She wants a chance for her writing to do the same for others.

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