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United - poetry by Anna Lentz


19-year when the virus attacked

18-confirmed cases in Washington state

17-age of a granddaughter of first U.S. casualty

16-Businessmen traveled from Italy, infected

15-hands shook at a place of worship in New York

14-days for the incubation period

13-an unlucky number relating with the unlucky virus

12-am, a perfect time to go shopping; everyone else is at home in bed

11-kids not playing basketball at the park anymore

10-maximum amount of people allowed to be together

9-people avoiding social distancing

8-how old my neighbor girl is that keeps asking me to play

7-baseball players practicing against the nation’s guidelines

6-times, original price of hand-sanitizer has increased

5-thousand or more people waiting to hear their covid-19 test results

4-families on Facetime after hearing the wedding is canceled

3-people I love that are at high risk

2-packages of toilet paper left of the shelf at the store

1-world fighting together


Anna is a glass half full kind of person! She is from a small town in Pennsylvania and spends most of her time with her large family. Her hobbies include playing piano, painting, reading books, playing tennis, skiing, hiking, and traveling. She loves learning new things about science, nature, and culture. One of her most favorite things is listening to people’s stories. She is a sophomore in high school and still has a lot to learn about writing. “United” is the first piece of published writing!

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