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untitled #3 -- poetry by Auri Eleni

to minerva—

think confession; think candle wax

gospel choir or a hand around my throat

how could i tell you that it was not sacrilege

but dread that shook my knees

in your temple?

eyes like stained glass windows

cracked open and turned to stone

this heavy mantle on my shoulders

bathed in the blood

of a stranger.

to diana—

you’re spitting moonfire

maiden youth

antlers protruding from your neck

there’s a part of me that has always been afraid

of the stars reflected

in the silver brightness of your teeth

i loved you with an arrow in my back

dripping red; i collapsed

bare body

(bear body) left in pieces.

to ceres—

give me marigold meadows, mother

open asphodel fields

shattered steel lock on my heart

i do not owe you anything

you, with straw woven in your cornsilk hair

condemning the jagged rocks beneath your feet

beg for me back if you must

my lips smeared pink with pomegranate

crown dripping molten yellow

rotted ichor of the damned.


Auri Eleni is a student currently attending high school in Ontario, Canada. They love words and all things beautiful, and spend most of their time reading about faraway places, looking at rocks, drinking tea, or climbing trees in the rain. Their current favorite book is Everyone on the Moon is Essential Personnel by Julian K. Jarboe.

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