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What comes after when -- poetry by Tanvi Nagar

When love begins, people question- how long,

Will it last for infinite lifetimes ahead?

When the shadows of love are outlined in the dark-

Will this love be mine-with mind, body and spirit?

But I don’t ask those questions,

Instead, I simply wonder

What, what is the purpose of meeting whom I’ve met.


Tanvi Nagar , 16, is a student at DPS, Gurgaon. She has contributed to national newspapers like The Times of India and Hindustan Times; magazines like the Neev Magazine, Cathartic Youth Lit., Ice Lolly Review, and Children’s World; and anthologies by Delhi Poetry Slam, Half Baked Beans and Authors Press. She is the editor in her school and has authored three books published by Partridge, India and Notion Press. She has won the Eye Level Literary Award 2018, Daekyo, South Korea; the Create Change Challenge 2020, University of Queensland, Australia; the Millennial Essay Writing Contest, UNESCO. To know more, visit her website-

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