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What we mean by “WEIGHT”

We are looking to publish complete works that carry some "weight" or gravitas.

Writing that leaves the reader a bit stunned, stopped in their tracks for a good reason.

This doesn't mean a submission has to be depressing or only dealing with a serious/severe topic (e.g. abuse, racism, divorce, Tom Brady leaving the Patriots).

However, whatever the topic, readers need to see something honest about being alive. The piece should provide insight(s) into something important about the human experience. Something that needs to be gotten off the chest. Something that needs to be said. That could be anything from "I love Taylor Swift!" to "my grandmother wouldn't have died if God existed!"

Whatever is said must hit an emotional chord in the reader, a chord that must resonate.

Comedy, surreal/magical realism, adventure, science fiction, speculative fiction, romance, satirical, fantasy/horror, mystery/thriller, western: genre doesn’t matter to us. What matters is whether we can feel the weight of what you’re saying.

Make us carry that weight long after we’ve stopped reading.

But keep in mind: all of this is subjective to the tastes of our editors. A story not being right for us doesn't mean it’s not right for another publication. The editors have had works rejected from one place that got picked up, without revising, by another one on the same day. To get a sense of our personal tastes, head over to the What We Like page, where we've posted (and will continue adding to) works that the various editors enjoy. It’s also a good reason for good reads.

Happy writing and submitting!

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