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Winter Days -- poetry by Lily Nelson

A day will come when I open all the windows

in this house, and let the sounds –

the chirping of birds, the sighs of wind,

the rustle of leavers – filter in.

On this day, I will do the dishes and wash

the sheets, dust the cabinets and

hang the laundry out to dry.

When spring returns like a softened memory,

I will make this home new again.

But that day is not now. Snow still blankets

the ground, and cold slumbers in my bones,

making it difficult to even take a breath.


Lily Nelson is a high school writer living in Iowa. When she isn’t busy with school, she

spends her days playing tennis, writing, and playing violin. Her publications include "Fever" in the 2021 edition of Lyrical Iowa. As a junior, Lily is looking forward to applying to colleges and starting the next chapter of her life.

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