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With Love, on One Condition - poetry by Skye Margiotta

Would you like to be loved?

She only hires so few.

And these graduates never last long.

As she unearths a new condition,

her love has another reason.

However cruel, her love is of a mother,

where unyielding trains,


or hurricanes—what earthly thing dares to bound toward a mother and her incognizant child,

funnels around her godly aura.

Somehow, someway, this safety rope between them sheds its skin,

only to be reborn thicker as the threats come closer.

However, that bind,

when certain criteria are abandoned,

frays, until it’s stripped naked by a single thread

on the peril of being cursed by the gods instead.

But don’t fret—her rubric of love is as follows:

you can neither crumble to the depths of her probable amnesia,

nor tantalize the height of the lava boiling in her own volcano,

never question her selective blind eye to the cosmos in the corner,

and do nothing else as you watch out for the growing list.

In these rules possess a condition,

from the lover to the loved.

And as you can see, dearest,

the unconditional love you seek from her

is unreasonable

as love itself

has many reasons.


Skye Margiotta is a high school senior. Having been selectively published in her school literary magazine, an Editor's Choice author for the national magazine Teen Ink, the Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper, and an Editor-at-Large for Digital Humanities Now, Skye aspires to be a published author.

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