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How to Make Daddy Go Away in Five Minutes or Less -- flash by Suzy Johnson

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

He will come to you with an offering. Take off your headphones and nod. Nod some more. More. Keep nodding. Answer his question that isn’t really a question. Accept his proposal, and agree to get up early tomorrow to help him repair your mother’s watch. You won’t actually wake up early, but don’t mention this. Tell him he’s right, maybe even apologize. He wants you to know that you’re his daughter, or remind himself that he’s your father. Tell him you love him. He loves you the most he can.


Suzy Johnson wants to be "smart enough to write a book" one day. Until then, she will continue to work on her short fiction and poetry. Suzy enjoys exploring yearning, disembodiment, and alienation in her work. So far, her writing has earned mild praise from those around her. Suzy loves Todd Solondz movies and 100 gecs and staying up really late.

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