Submission  Guidelines

The Weight Journal publishes teen voices.


We're looking for writing that has something honest to say. Something that releases the WEIGHT. 

(Read more about that here).

No topic is off-limits. This is not about being "school appropriate."

Don't be afraid. Submit! 

  • To get a feeling for what we like, read through what we've already published, and take a look at this page.

  • We are always accepting new submissions from high school aged students from anywhere in the world. 

  • We publish about twice a month (as we read, review, and accept new material, goes up about every two weeks).

  • We DO accept simultaneous submissions! Please let us know if you've sent it elsewhere, and tell us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. 

  • We do NOT accept previously published submissions (but your personal website/blog/social media do NOT count).

  • Do include a short bio (100 words max) about yourself in the third person, including things like where you are, what you do, any past publications, hope and dreams, glass half full/empty. Submissions without a bio will not be considered.

Example: Louise Beltcher is future National Book Award winning writer who currently spends her days writing, playing frisbee golf, and drinking way too much coffee. Her publications include The Last Dance Lit Mag, the Are We There Yet? Review, and The Rainbow Farts Journal. Even though she is only a sophomore, Louise is ready to move out of her small town in Nevada.


  • Do submit only one (1) genre at a time & wait to hear back from us before sending more.

Poetry: 1-3 poems, up to 6 pages of poetry 

 Note: we don't publish a lot of rhyming poetry unless it's straight FIRE!

Also, don't send center-justified poems unless they are centered for a reason.

Click here to understand why.


Slam Poetry: 1 video, under 8 mins.

Note: send text of poem with submission.

Flash Fiction: 1-2 pieces, up to 800 words each


Short Fiction: 1 piece at a time, max 3000 words


Creative Nonfiction: 1 piece at a time, max 3000 words

 Note: we publish narrative (story-based) nonfiction. Not analytical or expository essays.

Hybrid: 1 piece 1 at a time, max 2000 words

  • Do email your submissions as a doc. or docx. attachment (not in the body of an email, not as a shared Google doc.) to



We ask those published by The Weight Journal already, to please wait two (2) months before submitting further work. 

We shouldn't have to say this, but works that are focused on promoting racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, or other forms of hate-filled ideas will not be published; however, pieces that respond to or fight against these ideas are fair game.

By submitting you confirm that the work(s) submitted is original and of your composition. You grant The Weight Journal first English-language electronic rights to display your work on our website and through social media. All other rights remain with you upon publication. If the piece is reprinted elsewhere, please be sure to acknowledge The Weight Journal as its first publication.