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Veiled Reflections -- poetry by Allison Lee

I imagine thick velvet curtains 

ensconced in the veins of my eyelids 

when I lay curdled like a fetus under covers

heavy to hide myself from problems I know

and do not know the layers fold in on each other 

embrace in awkward family reunion side hugs 

with relatives nobody tries to remember 

and I would like to run my fingers through the folds

listen to the secrets that spill into the soil of my soul and plant 

seedlings that grow in the ways of phototropism 

toward the light of my mouth hole that I’ll later 

regret but I do not care to roam inside my brain for too 

long when my mouth can do the talking 

and my eyebrows can juggle the weight 

of employing enough expression 

for the rest of my traveling face rinsed

clean in the waters of a river ice-cold

infused with the harsh hymns of herons

that spread my pores open to the size of pebbles

porous to let the oxygen seep into my body 

through my skin like an amphibian

holes large enough to peer through as one does a telescope

come and marvel at my museum of nerves and wet pink organs 

but the river is slowly evaporating outside

and the holes scattered about my face like open olive wounds

shrink back into my skin and dot 

it gently like freckles all tame and shy

when the curtain falls and I can open my eyes

sand claws at my throat and gnaws at my tongue

the air turns a gravelly and elusive spirit 

in the morning fog


Allison Lee is a high school Junior in Southern California with a dedication to environmental sustainability and taking on new adventures. She is an editor for the Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine and has recently published a poetry collection titled Warped & Wilted on her personal experiences with the natural world and pressing environmental issues. When she is not reading or listening to different types of music, you can find her eating mini ice cream cones or wandering in a Trader Joes. 

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